Be Still


I was inspired to write this poem when I saw this moving video about Lacey Rose.  It is an inspiring story of faith that her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Chris de Diego,  placed in God for her life and how God performed miracles to honor their faith.

Lacey Rose was born on February 1, 2013. In October, 2012, the doctors advised Lacey’s parents to abort the pregnancy claiming she would die in utero or within hours after birth. Lacey Rose’s parents chose to continue the pregnancy turning to their faith to guide them through this difficult time.  LEARN MORE




Be still and know I am who I say I am
Be still and see that I will do what I said I’d do

Being still is Yielding to me directly
Increasing your capacity
To experience me profoundly
Stillness is the motion of faith
Transitions you to a new and prophetic place
Releases a new grace
Quickens divine initiatives to engage, transform, renew
Gives me time to create a space for  me to abide in you

Being still will manifest my authority
Arrest anxiety
Place you in a higher realm of effectiveness for me

Causes the enemy confusion
What he sees are illusions
Cause I’ve hid you in me
He’s not able to see the divine movements
Hear divine conversations
Understand divine plans
Being still collapse his strongholds
Emboldenes your voice
Gives you a strong grace to stand

Find your place where you will still yourself
Prepare your face to bow itself
Remove the sounds of the world
The opinions of mortal man

Being still is an act of trust
It’s admission that you’ve had enough… of what’s seen and heard, felt and learned through the best of ones flesh

Trust in me alone
As a child who heals by resting herself in me
No need for her to create activity
She stills herself to become herself
She removes herself to be moved by me
Like this baby you must trust me by being still and knowing that I alone am God

The coming of my Kingdom
The doing of My will
You must orientate yourself…
You do so, by being still.


Copyright 11/15.  By William Owens.  All Rights Reserved

Author: William

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