Brazen Righteousness

Jesus with whip

Brazen Righteousness
Is a volcanic expression of passion for all that is true
For things that are pure
It is total abandonment in living for God in all that you do

It is a radical departure from the deceptive grip of religion
That only keeps people from living in a flow of tangible freedom

Are you listening
You’d better pay attention

Most of us are slippin or sleepin and not being who God made us to be
Instead we’re living life with an apology,
Should be dancing extravagantly with purpose as our music and His love our confidence as we slay the giants that stand in our way and say we can’t

We claim He’s King of kings and Lords of lords but we live such a predictable life that is bored
Not too much different that the children of this world
Except we abuse His grace by living a hypocritical disjointed lukewarm semi-commited non repentive “I’m blessed” attitude on our face

Caked with makeup so thick
We can’t feel our skin
Below the surface it’s become thin
We get rattled in the battle and retreat back to our neat churches and passive pastors who pat us and then bury us
In the grave – we then asked “what has happened?”

If we do make it to the city who’s street are made of gold it’s by fire       have no treasure stored
Because all we did was horde

Our time, money, and affection for others was retained, withheld because we judged people and didn’t forgive anyone a thing
…even ourselves

Plead with God for a quickening to get brazen
To deny yourself the deception and distraction of this sickening religion
Bare your true heart before a Holy God
He knows who you are

Stop tripping in pretending
Repent of every false affection
Rest from the pretense of your own effort in trying to earn His perfect love
Be still
Breath in the need for God alone
No need to.perform
Its why He gave His son

Believe on Him
Rely on Him
Follow Him

Born of a virgin
Walked among men
Died on a cross and rose again
Defeated death
Conquered the grave
Only in Him will your life be saved

No other dare compare
No other has power to set free
No other has the authority to declare you blessed and to anointed you with a holy boldness to live your life in
Brazen Righteousness!

Author: William

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