Extravagant Passion


Performed March 18, 2016 | Denver, CO


I relish in the presence of a coherent ever loving, irresistible, incomprehensible lover

Who like no other has captured my heart arrested my affections

Divested my reason

Ignited my passion


Removed the cold indifference of stale judgments of myself

Condemning unrelenting harshness that has paralyzed my life

Boring my day

Snoring while walking

Saying words not really talking

Just mumbling, grumbling desperate to make sense of something… I call life


I’m lulled in dull colors

In a cubicle

Looking a pictures of where I really want to be

On mountain top

Riding waves

Living extravagantly with passion

Being raptured each moment with wild abandonment in pursuit

of the one who pursues me to no end

Till I am filled to the brim with amazement bursting out of me

Experiencing passion extravagantly


Don’t need imitations offered by religion

Rules that stagnate the impulsiveness of vision

Stimulants to numb the pain

With a false high from grass, food, sex and even that cain


I’m living spontaneity of purpose fueled with passionate waves of

Wreck less love that brake the chains that bound me down beneath the ground

of superficiality

Robbing me of my authenticity


Get off me!


I can frolic

Fall to the ground

Laugh out loud

Grab hold and swing like a little child – on my Heavenly Fathers neck


Looking into His eyes ignited with extravagant passion

Because – He’s so proud of who he’s created me to be – a reflection – of Himself in me –

I’m made in His image – you see


No need to fret

Live in regret

Be the pet of demons that attack – with darts that are fiery stings of condemnation

Seeking to hold me to this plantation of existing not living

Apologizing not aggrandizing on what God knows of me

His love so tenderly embracing the spirit of who I really am


Not because of performances I perform to conform to a sense of duty

A guilt driven

Pride ridden

Delusional imagery – of a God whose always angry


Waiting for me to tip Him a tithe

To go to church and perch

Saying prayers with rhetorical words – others give me

Laced with learned fear imparted by tradition – that imprisons

Always working to meet the conditions – that others have taught

I’m withering inside this legalistic, man made draught

Such are enemies of the liberty

That’s mine by faith alone – in the work that He – Jesus – has done


With aggression of indignation I cast off this disruption of the expression of extravagant passion that is mine to have, to hold to posses inside my soul.


I no longer subscribe to the well scripted lie

That to live is to exist – amongst souls not made alive.

To be decent, respectful for disgraceful agendas that placate my face

To never agitate the order of things

To uproot poisonist origins – that spray me with an identity defined by a twisted society

A culture that continues to rediscover the same same, never becoming sane

Wanting to even change the nature of things

Birds can’t swim and monkeys still swings on trees that will never hug me – back


To subjugate my originality

To never embrace living passionately

Dreaming wildly

Through fierce faith in God HIMSELF – not an idol of my lust dipped in melted fear sprinkled with frigid, rigid rituals that can never clear – my conscience of guilt shame and disgust

I’m exhausted and tired of this selfish ride of pride


The God Who never will leave or depart from my side

He’s inviting you

compelling you

daring you to walk in new realms way above the sky,

Bursting past the plateau of growth deterred by others who don’t know






Open your eyes and see the lie!


Extravagant passion is right before you

It awaits your grasp

Not with mind of reason or committing treason to a religious expression that is fake, cold and dead

Abstracting your heart from connecting with God

Who is pursuing you with a passion that started it all.

It’s time for you in child like faith – to simply respond.


Just believe

Lift up your hands

Take hold of His

By faith your journey begins

Through living, soaring and loving

In worship and in praise

You will discover who you where born to be

As you purpose to live each day with the passion He gives you.



Author: William

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