False Satisfaction

20141223_071436False satisfaction
Is affection without reflection
Sensation without relation
Emotions created by unresolved commotion within the soul
bound by strongholds that won’t let go

Appetites driven by a longing to be made whole
Food upon desperate taste buds
Screaming for the flavor of spice and heat to feel alive

Sex in hopes to release the stress
To manufactory bliss
A touch of suple flesh
Yet so far from a real release

Materialism promising to complete ones lust
Gucci, Calvin Klein
Cars that glide on Ice
Beds most will never see
Sleeping on pillows of mysery
Waking up yet void of the rest you really need

Your soul screaming for an exit from the struggle of trouble
From the pain of breathing
From the need to be satisfied
In desperation to be resurrected from the dead
Though you yet be alive

Revelations floods your soul
The white of your eye illuminate with truth imparted
Retina sparks of flame
A God touch
You realize it’s not a game

God is speaking to you
Calling you
Loving you

Not the god of your fears
The god you create
The one you think cohabitates with you
Exist by you
Will die when you do

Start over
Years go by
Our stubborn hearts
Yet reject the only remedy to be truly satisfied

…. GOD!

Copyright 2015 by William Owens


Author: William

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