Family – Both Love and Pain

It should not shock us that the Bible characters that we laud as hero’s of the faith had tremendous challenges in family life.  I believe it was one of the things that push them closer to God.

Becoming naked before God is not even a thought – 1 million miles away, when everything in life is going just right.  It is when we face both love and pain in family that creates the most vulnerability.  It is when the commitments that you expected to last regardless of the hard times, the sad times and the set backs – that fail you that you are forced to resolve who is your God – who is your family.

No matter how you explain it, family brings both love and pain. It is only when you resolve that your ultimate family rest in the WILL of God.  It frees you to love pass the pain and safe guard your heart from the piercing damaging that can happen when people fail.  Even those in your family – including yourself.


Author: William

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