Forgive Me


For years I struggled in facing my own issues, mistakes and inconsistencies.  It would only cause me to consider me and my own inabilities to get past the stalled wall in front of me.

God made me realize it was unforgiveness of myself.  It was my way of punishing me for things I had or had not done.  It was therefore impossible for me to forgive others no matter how much I wanted to. He gave me these words upon me fully accepting Jesus’ death as my death and His life as my life.


Two words
The cry of my soul
The release of that which holds me in captivity
To the dark, cruel and cold reality of sin…


There I said it
I meant it
I will live it
Though painful
I’ve repented


Creates new direction
Subdues wreckless affections
Causes deep reflection
Empowers a determination
To resist familiar temptations
That capture and contain the will of the flesh…
Making weak my soul


Closing my eyes are easier
I can breathe much deeper
Can laugh louder
Can think clearer
Can be me
With no need
To explain…

To justify
My awkwardness
My failures
To manage…my pain
To punish myself
Time and time again

I’ve said it to Him above
Been received
Been loved
On Jesus been judged
I’m redeemed
I’m Forgiven

Now I’ll say the same
Not just to Him
But to the toughest one of all
It’s the one I’m looking at…
That’s in the mirror on the wall


Author: William

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