He Was Ressurected

Screenshot 2015-04-04 14.20.40He was resurrected after He dissected the enemy of my soul who defected from his first state

He was resurrected after He perfected being man facing, defeating and destroying sin for my sake

He was resurrected after He fulfilled countless scriptures, healed the sick and cast out devils



Confronted the religious, fed the hungry and walked on water

Performing miracles on every level

– showing Himself God leaving everyone baffled.



Telling Lazarus to come forth

The adulterous woman to go and sin no more

The rich young ruler to give it all up and hand it to the poor.



He had to become me to rule me

To be me that I might live

Like Him

Without sin



He’s resurrected

Not just from the tomb

He’s risen In me

Power contained

Liberty obtained

He’s alive





What I say is true

Countless others will agree

Perhaps you are one

Who will testify with me

If in your heart you believe he’s risen from the grave

Would you raise your hand



Better yet stand up and shout Amen!



Sit down

Sit down

I’m not quit through

Its imperative that you realize He died

Suffered was separate like a foot out of joint

From His Father for you



Now if you jumping up and don’t know Him

In the departing from your sins

I beg of you stop playing church

And reevaluate your religion



Problem today is folk in church want to play

Stop it!

You might not make it home today.



Being resurrected is evidence in how you live

What you say

The fruit you bring forth

The love the flows from within your being



If you don’t know Him

Today you can

He’ll set you free from the grip of sin

Today He’ll Die

Three days in the earth

Holy Scriptures perfected



The day is coming…. when we’ll all be resurrected

Shall see him face to face

Shall know no further pain

Shall rejoice


And Sing



Our Lord Jesus is the Only



and Risen KING!



Copyright 2015 (c) William Owens, Jr.

Author: William

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