I Am Woman

      I Am Woman


Serious Black Woman

I’m placed where I was not made to be
Others have put a false value on me
Who are they to put me here
Assuming I would remain silent and simply disappear
As if insignificant to the symphony of each soul created with a unique melody
Necessary for hormony of the majestic plan of God for me

I submit myself to misery, abuse and pain
Anguish of heart confusion of mind
Is my diet with tears that season my meal with salt when it drys
Tortured with voices that tell me I am less because I am woman
By awesome design

My heart is seeking to rise
From this choking shadow of a lie
Inside my deepest soul
I know I am beautiful beyond mere eyes
…hips to hold
…breast for child to rest
…and for men to caress

And I’ll tell you why

I Am Woman of God
Who speaks to me through the stars at night
Who gives me pleasure in being so unique to Him
Made for Him
To bring forth life
To nurture
To cuddle
To exhort all mankind

Man would merely exist being made one at a time from the vanity of his mind
It is woman who brings out the uniqueness found in his chest
That men find rest of heart from battles fought
That men can trust me with their deepest cry
Through me that men come forth from the womb in which they have been given me from his loins

I Am Woman

Twisted I can be without understanding my amazing ability
Trapping men instead of edifying them
Thinking indifference of the woman who threatens my space
Worse of all thinking less of myself
With punishing slashes of contemptiable ideas that suppress my uniqueness
That validiate my enemies
Subjugate my identity

I Am Woman

My color brightens the day
My smile sends waves across the land
My hands hold tenderly souls
Wipes away the tears from each eye

I am woman
I must arise
To carry forth this color and paint the land as God has ordained

I am woman
There is no other color
Like me
I am woman
Let me be

Author: William

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