I Love Love


      I Love Love


I love love
It’s depth takes me to realms of reality that mere words cannot express
That mind cannot grasp
My body alone fails to reveal such bliss

I love love
Burns beyond the blue flame of fire
Ignites my soul to seek, to reach, to aspire to places unknown
To feel beyond the mere touch of another
A love found not in mere romance, a tight dance,
A kiss of lips
A joining of hips
Of holding hands

Love that brings you to the doorway of death
Lifts your spirit to reveal your true self
Strips away the hidden layers of insecurities
Of the covering of my heart with fig leaves
Afraid of God…
Who is the love I so seek
The love I so need
The love made for me

I not He
Have looked to another
Trying to cover
My mysery
The void that hunts me
Tearing without mercy
At my mind
Troubling my heart
Won’t leave me alone
In the night
Or even when the sun shines so bright

I seek for relief
By replacing the love that truly loves me
With my own hypocrisy
They all fail in loving me

I love God… now
He is love
A love that loves me without demands
A love that loves me as I am
To bring me to where you are
To make me into who you created me to be
Love not measured by mere depth of ecastasy
Or speed
The more I do these
The less I am me

I love love
For such love loves me
This love is found alone in thee…
I love you…. God.

Author: William

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