I Ponder



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With hand on face I ponder my place.
Within my mind
Upon my heart.
Around the souls where I breathe, where my eyes do see
My ears do hear
It is my space.

Beneath the stars that gaze on me
I wonder who they see me to be.
The Sun that shines,
The clouds that cruise,
The moon – so cool
They know their place.

Fear visits me.
Telling me
To see Things I must agree to see.
Strange they exist in my mind
But not before me.

Faith arises in my soul,
It is here that I feel bold.
To stroll within my spirit to mountain tops.
Skies of eagles
Races unfathomable.

I seize upon a glimpse of my place within this realm of faith,
Not found within my mind.

Upon my heart

Amongst others,

Or even in the stars.

Found with my hands off my face,
Instead they are up and raised.
Raised to the Creator by whom I’m made
Who I embrace and am embraced by faith.

Who became me to understand me;
To be touched by the feelings of my infirmities.
To reconcile my life a solved mystery,
Known by him before the world knew itself.
Loved by Him today,
Secure with Him forever.

I do rise,
Break free,
Run my race by faith
Hand off my face.
They are up and raised,
I have found my place
In Him
I move,
I have my being.

Author: William

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