As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, the devil wanted my imagination.  It’s like he stuck a hose in my nose and pushed it as far up as he could until it invaded my brain.  He then begin to pump in images, emotions trying to make appear that what was happening in my life was all going wrong.

The day before I had  been invited to an event where they selected to have 3 people recite my poetry.  They only did one and that was only because I stayed on top of things.  I was introduced like I was desperate to be there – that wasn’t true. Didn’t take one order for the book. Instead, I gave away a print on card stock, the illustration “I Ponder” along with the poem wrapped around it.

In addition to that – money.

After church, I had a financial miracle.

After work out, I ate, took a nap and when I awoke, God spoke one word, “Imagination”.

Here’s what followed….

Copyright 2015 by William Owens

Written February 22, 2015


Imaginations make real the emotions I feel –
Even though they are not so.
Running wild with threats imposed
Upon my mind,
Without notice,
Bombarding my soul.

Crafted after my fear,
Words that I hear,
Ideas that I dread,
Tossing on my bed.
Fractured with images
Ricocheting in my head.

Just a thought alone.
No reality to it,
Just a simple image
Not checked,
Freaks me out,
Door open –
In creeps doubt.

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Author: William

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