Looking UP!

2015-02-16 12.52.14As I prepare for my book tour in Southern California, things are looking UP!  It’s not that they where down, it just that when we are engaged in a fight, we have to fervently be aware that our enemy and enemies as well as circumstances are contrary to what God wants for us.  God is always calling us upward and onward.

The Naked Before God Tour is booking readings regularly.  In fact, as often as I share the book they simply happen.  The reasons vary but I believe the prominent one is the spiritual relevance of the poetry and the fact that they are published.  There is also the fact that I am a Black American man in some instances.  Let’s face it – Race is relevant.  Beyond all of these reasons, God’s Word is going forward and that is all that matters.

God is being glorified and HE wants these words to be exposed to the hearts of all people.

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Look up with me!



Author: William

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