My Father I draw near to thee



God the Father








My Father
I draw near to thee
Less I create an identity that’s not me

I falsify my life
With created entities
Not found in my DNA

Trying to fill the void with manipulation of creation
Concoctions of my own
Born of rebellion and pride
A “thinking I got this” complex but never passing life’s test

My Father
I draw near to thee
Less I create an identity that’s not me

Dipping my body in pools of pleasure
Inhaling vapors inside my lungs
To feel strong only being made weaker
Blowing up my mind with knowledge that makes my head heavy
Hurting my neck walking crooked thinking I’m straight

My eyes never satisfied
What I worship doesn’t edify
Eating meat fills my gut
Makes me heavy
And yet never enough

My Father
I draw near to thee
Less I create an identity that’s not me

People I run to
Talk to
Be with
Laugh with
Yet can’t seem to get along with
Cause they breathe like I do
In need of your breath too

I’m resolved
I’m tired
I’ve learned my lesson
It’s all about my Father Who art in heaven
Hollowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
In earth as it is in heaven…

My Father
My source
My very essence
My identity found alone in thee
My hope fulfilled daily

Insecurities –
No longer effect me
When I remain in my Daddy

He’s Abba
Perfect love
Perfect rest
Forgiveness offered
My sins He forgets

My Father
I draw near to thee
No longer looking elsewhere
Grappling the air
For my identity
Seeking pleasure in creation
Looking to others for cover

Through Jesus alone
I’ve been
Made His child

By grace I am
By faith I live
By Love I breath
It’s My father I now seek to please
No longer myself
No longer men

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever
Amen and Amen!

Copyright by William Owens | September 2015


As I bowed before the Lord in prayer this morning, I recognized a few issues I had to address as I reassessed my yesterday.  I had a few hits and misses and had to quickly confess them that my conscience would remain clear of offense towards God.  As I bowed – the words that expressed my heart – My Father I draw near to thee begin to flow and I knew it was a poem.

I pray it blessed you as it did me.








Author: William

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