Last night while driving back to my dwelling place the word propensities came into my mind. I immediately begin to relate to how this tendency plays us as humans. This morning these words flowed through me…..


Propensities is my carnal man’s voice

Laced with demonic noise

Nudging me toward some cliff

Promising me a mind blowing trip

Or some sensational sip

Of amber liquid on Ice

Inviting my lips to kiss

All guaranteeing me bliss


Lighting quick I ball my (spiritual) fist

Through Jesus I resist

Declaring the Word out loud

To be heard by these voices

Who know my lust so well.

Propensities are like that

They just present to you tailored fit acts

Suited to your likes – like checking a box on Facebook


They hound you till the own you

Fight you to get you

Press you to trap you






Until you through Christ arise

Resist with a persist – tant mind

Committed will Spirit yield – ed

A confidence you got this


Like Jesus in the wilderness

You too shall be tempted

To do what you want

Act as you please

As He did you must do

Overcome your Propensities…

And be free

Free indeed



Copyright 2015 By William Owens


Author: William

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