My eyes open in the morning
Seeking for redemption
From the agony of suffering in the grip of misery forced upon me as a refugee

Misplaced without reason
Abandoned to the treason of evil contrived by dark hearts bent on the death of innocence because of an inheritance of historic rhetoric?

My skin I chose not
My eyes
My hair,
My voice are no less beautiful than yours
We breath the same air

My dreams for love
My hope for child in my chest is for rest from the sentence of this death
I cry to be free
To be seen as a human being
Not merely as a refugee

I speak not of those in far away lands
Trapped by borders
Hemmed in by men with guns, axes with wicked devices planned

I speak of my soul
Trapped within the control of vices that make me bound not free
We are all refugees
Seeking for a place to call home
To find rest
To reset
To quite the cries of our love ones near us
To bereave others hung on a cross before our face
Raped and maimed
Left for dead
Even some I’ve seen behead

I at all cost will endure land and sea
For chance at life
I’m driven
For the same reason as you
Desire for freedom
Hope for liberty
The dream of no longer being called a refugee

Death has no grip on me
Fear is prisoner of God’s perfect love
I with sole faith in Christ
Will rise above
Joy not bound by hate
Redemption mine by faith
We all are refugees in need

My eyes open in the morning
My heart at peace within
I know through Christ I’m free
No matter what land I’m in

I yield to His compassion made real – so real to me
As I do so to them
I have done so to Him
To do all I can to show His love to those who like me are refugees… who can be made free.

Author: William

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