Rhythm of the Leaves

Have you noticed the rhythm of the leaves
How they move to the breeze with such ease
Never find them worrying, afraid of the night or the storming winds that come their way

They simply flow
No need to be afraid
They trust their creator and enjoy the season they’ve been given
Taking no thought for tomorrow
Just enjoying the breeze for the day

They catch the breeze that’s for them
Celebrate the leaves that share their space
They together create a symphony of motion that’s glorious
Just look at them…
They have a rhythm of unity
not trying to be anything
Just being themselves
and flowing with the wind
until their time comes to a graceful end

At the appointed time with beauty yet present
They change colors to bless us
With the season of autumn colors
They cover the earth
giving the soil their soul
the joy soaked in from the sun

May we learn from them
and simply learn to flow in God’s wind
and find our unity with each other
It is what we all need
This is what I learned this morning
From watching
The rhythm of the leaves

Author: William

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