Transition Position

What has pressed me to write poetry has been the painful positions resulting in transitions that God has allowed or caused me to experience.  It places me in the most uncomfortable of positions – if I decide to go through it.  Just like any exercise however, if we are to become stronger in our faith towards God, uncomfortable positions are not an option should we behold glorious transitions.  While it remains in our will to avoid such experiences, we do so due to our own detriment – we will never experience the transition that God has ordained.

Even as Paul, a radical follower of Jesus, complained that the thorn that caused him discomfort would be removed from his flesh, was told by Jesus that His grace would be sufficient and enable him to bear it (2 Corinthians 2:7).  This was no regular pain, it was clearly a “messenger of Satan” to inflict him.  While it served as a means to keep Paul humbled, it also serves as a reminder for us of how much we need to rely on God and not ourselves.

In order to receive a type of grace that makes transition possible, it must be preceded by positions that causes us to pray prayers that bring a new level of grace that brings with it the unique result of causing us to grow.

This is true maturity.

Whether we want transition in our lives or not, it will not be denied.  To deny it is to have it still.  The times and days in which we live testify that it is here and increasing daily. Will you be both willing and obedient?

Take upon you the position that God has ordained and welcome the glorious transition that will follow.



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Author: William

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