transitionTransitions are motions not always smooth

Activity that breaks the rules
Teaching me a lesson I was not looking to learn
Transitions are hard, lonely and sometimes stern

They grab me like hook in fish mouth
Reeling me out of water into a drought
Atmospheric change
People who seem strange
Out of my familiar place
Transitions make me alone

Transitions are God’s unseen expressions by your eyes.
Manifested directions not familiar to your mind
Profound Revelations being borne deep from within your core
Transitions are taking you to a place you’ve never been before.

Transitions are a catistrophic interruption of what’s normal
Not asking permission
Yielding to your feelings
The will of the people – never considering
Transitions is God’s Kingdom revealing

Revealing Himself
Revealing His Will
Revealing the you to you beyond what you feel
Who you know
Where you are
What you believe
And even beyond what others think they see

Transitions is a journey
Quickend by desperate prayer
Obedient heart
A deep desire of wanting God
A dropping down to the ground of surrendered will
Loving your enemies
Forgiving those who do you ill

Transitions is taking you to a new place of grace
A new expression of heaven on earth through your being
Fulfilled prayers of what you’ve been believing … for

Hold on with fierce fearless faith
Don’t give up to the turbulence that’s necessary to bring from where you are to where He’s calling you to be

Face your transition
Embrace the journey
Expect rejection
Keep hold of your affections
Posses your soul
A new story is about to unfold

Such transition will beautify your life
Bring new fiends
Reveal new lights of sunshine
Reveal brighter moonlights
Behold the stars shine more bright

Miss not your transitions
It is God Kingdom bringing you to where he’s called you before the foundations of the world to be
He is with you
Will never leave you
He’s closes to you
In the middle of transitions whirl…

You’ve been called
You’ve been choosen
To be positioned
He will get you there
Through prophetic transitions


Copyright 11/15.  By William Owens.  All Rights Reserved

Author: William

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